Revenue Source Group adds value to our clients by improving their bottom lines today and generating future savings for years to come through our utility audit services. RSG accomplishes this mission by reducing operational costs of water/sewer, gas, electricity, telecommunications, waste/recycling and property taxes. Through utility bill cost reduction, we can improve your bottom-line.

Our team is passionate about the mission of consistently bringing true value to our clients. We serve as independent resources to evaluate and audit utility bills to determine if the accounts are eligible for refunds or monthly utility cost reductions.

For 25 years, RSG has saved millions of dollars for our clients by reducing utility costs which immediately adds profit dollars to their bottom line, instantly increasing value to the business. We have no ties to any utility vendor. We offer pure unbiased recommendations. With our contingency fee arrangement, we are not paid until true savings are reflected through your reduced utility bill. RSG is paid from money presently budgeted for the utility vendor. We offer a true win-win opportunity.

RSG is committed to providing our clients with excellent utility audit services and tangible value.

We reduce utility costs and you save money or nothing changes.