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Revenue Source Group, Inc. (RSG) is a 25 year old firm that has developed a proven methodology to reduce utility costs and appeal commercial property taxes to improve our clients’ bottom lines. + more

  • RSG Does not charge any out of pocket FEES for services

  • Our clients are under no OBLIGATION to implement our recommendations

  • RSG is only paid as our CLIENTS SAVE MONEY

About We are committed to providing clients with excellent utility audit services and tangible value

Revenue Source Group adds value to our clients by improving their bottom lines today and generating future savings for years to come through our utility audit services. RSG accomplishes this mission by reducing operational costs of water/sewer, gas, electricity, telecommunications, waste/recycling and property taxes. Through utility bill cost reduction, we can improve your bottom-line.

Our team is passionate about the mission of consistently bringing true value to our clients. We serve as independent resources to evaluate and audit utility bills to determine if the accounts are eligible for refunds or monthly utility cost reductions.

For 25 years, RSG has saved millions of dollars for our clients by reducing utility costs which immediately adds profit dollars to their bottom line, instantly increasing value to the business. We have no ties to any utility vendor. We offer pure unbiased recommendations. With our contingency fee arrangement, we are not paid until true savings are reflected through your reduced utility bill. RSG is paid from money presently budgeted for the utility vendor. We offer a true win-win opportunity.

RSG is committed to providing our clients with excellent utility audit services and tangible value.

We reduce utility costs and you save money or nothing changes.

  • Mark Parten President
  • Richard Parten Vice President
  • Ryan Quicksall Utility Billing Analyst
  • Mark Burlingame Energy Procurement Specialist
  • Albert Freeland Power Billing Specialist
  • George Armistead Business Development



RSG is an undeniable leader in water bill and sewer bill auditing. Over the years, we have developed reliable error detection methods enabling us to better identify water bill and sewer billing errors, mistakes and overcharges.

Our expertise of systems, meters, configurations, industry usage averages and efficiencies has saved our clients millions of profit dollars. Our monthly monitoring of invoices enables us to instantly spot a problem or change in consumption trends. We have monitored water bills and sewer bills for many of our clients for over 20 years.

Case Study

A 1,000 unit apartment complex had multiple meters supplying water to its campus. RSG performed detailed meter analysis and discovered a mistake with one meter being billed nearly 10 times the proper rate. The result was a credit to our client in the amount of $350,000, which was adjusted immediately.


With natural gas prices constantly changing, one only has to open a recent natural gas bill to understand why a rate analysis is a wise endeavor. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in the area of natural gas billings in regulated and deregulated markets. Since we are paid only on performance, we are motivated to roll up our sleeves and thoroughly investigate natural gas bills to identify refund opportunities as well as efficiencies and alternatives in pricing. A significant benefit of having us review your utility bills is free monitoring whether or not savings are discovered.

Case Study

After reviewing historical natural gas invoices for a retail client, RSG determined the client had been overcharged for months. The result was a $42,000 credit and a monthly savings of more than $4,000.

A group of hospitals in the southwest saves approximately 25% in natural gas costs through rate efficiencies.


Revenue Source Group’s seasoned electricity bill consultants possess specific knowledge and practical experience in the field of pricing, contracts, management and invoicing. Our experts apply their knowledge of the rules, procedures and policies (written and unwritten) of the power providers and convert it into additional profit for our clients.

Over the years, we have developed error detection methods to enable us to better identify electricity billing errors, mistakes and overcharges. Depending on the complexity of the account, we may seek answers to 20 – 40 different specific questions.

Case Study

A professional sports arena’s electric bills were audited for accuracy. A detailed site inspection was performed to ensure bills reflected the actual proper meter configuration and were free from overcharges. RSG facilitated a minor change within the underlying rate structure. In this case, the client received a refund from the utility provider in the amount of $54,000.

RSG helped a large manufacturer by modifying their metering configuration to take advantage of both rate savings and local incentives.


Solid waste and/or recycling are often overlooked as a source of cost recovery and profit maximization. Our solid waste consultants have years of experience working with commercial, industrial and institutional clients to reduce trash bills. Why not trust your waste vendor to provide the most cost-effective system?

We study your current system in order to meet your needs both physically and financially, and will develop the most cost effective plan for your specific business needs. This plan will be submitted for your approval. This recommendation will also contain a report showing expected monthly and annual savings on your trash bill. RSG will never proceed with any changes without your approval.

Case Study

RSG implemented a new waste disposal plan for an office tower and reduced the monthly cost by more than 50%.

After studying pricing points and service levels for a charitable organization, RSG uncovered service issues and billing errors. The corrections were made and the client’s waste disposal cost was reduced by more than $5,000 per month.


It is a known fact telecommunications vendors routinely overcharge customers in a variety of ways. Some industry officials estimate 70% of telephone bills contain errors. Tariffs are constantly changing and are frequently misinterpreted and misapplied. Since the industry deregulation during the 1990s, telephone company billing practices have become inherently complex and bills are coded in such a way which makes them difficult for customers to understand. A comprehensive telecommunications audit is essential to ensure you are not paying more than you should. We do not sell any telecommunications products, plans or equipment nor do we have financial relationships with any telephone vendor. We are completely unbiased in our recommendations. You decide which recommendations to implement. Our average telecom audit results in a 10% – 40% reduction in the telephone bill. It is also unnecessary to change vendors in order to save money.

Case Study

A review by RSG’s telecom experts resulted in huge rewards for a manufacturer with 3 plant locations. Our efforts produced a savings of more than $150,000 over a 36 month period.

RSG acquired a telecommunications retroactive credit for a small city municipality totaling over $32,000 and provided future savings on variable and fixed charges totaling more than $100,000 over the next 36 months.


Property taxes are easily one of the single largest facility expenses. One of the most significant opportunities available for managers of commercial facilities to increase company profits is to appeal overstated real and personal property tax valuations. RSG has been appealing property taxes since 1989, and we are still serving many of those same clients today.

RSG will perform a detailed analysis of your property to determine if an appeal is justified. In your behalf we will accommodate the entire process from site inspections and case preparation to appeal filing and client representation at both informal and formal hearings. We only file an appeal if one is warranted.

Our professionals successfully appeal with all types of facilities: apartment complexes, hotels, office buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, auto dealerships, banks, restaurants, hospitals and many more.

DISCLAIMER: Taxpayer agents who are not lawyers may only appear on your behalf before TN State Board of Equalization on matters of classification, assessment and valuation, and may not represent you in a court of law.
Case Study

In 2012, a manufacturing facility was paying property tax in the amount of $114,519. After a series of negotiations, RSG was able to reduce the taxes due to $52,297, resulting in a 54% reduction.

RSG discovered that a nursing home had a mistake in their property record card. After appealing the value, this facility obtained a 50% reduction in taxes.

Example Building Savings

undisclosed building in 2009 fiscal year
  • Monthly Expenses before RSG
  • $ 87,034.00
  • Monthly Expenses after RSG
  • $ 63,081.00
These are just a few of our clients enjoying reduced monthly expenditures


  • “RSG is to be enthusiastically commended as it has consistently produced a positive impact upon our operational bottom line. Having a dependable resource like RSG has yielded dividends for our organization as we strive to operate as efficiently as possible.”

    Bernard Sherry
    President and CEO Baptist Hospital
  • “For at least a decade now, RSG has provided VUMC consistent productive results… Thanks for being an ally and trusted resource for our organization.”

    Ken Browning
    Director - Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • “RSG has certainly delivered more than anticipated bottom line results and value to our hotel… our electricity monthly costs are much lower as a result of your market knowledge, negotiating skills and proactive efforts on our behalf.”

    Mike Modi
    President and CEO, Hampton Inn Gateway
  • “In our business, maintaining an efficient operating budget is mandatory. RSG certainly contributed to our bottom line.”

    Tom Harrington
    COO, Nashville Bun Company